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Triathlon Club


Meet the Club

BYU Triathlon Club is a place for people of all abilities to reach their triathlon goals in an uplifting environment. The club is a home for friends and teammates to push each other and connect with people through.

*With COVID regulations our practice schedule is subject to change. BYU Triathlon club supports all BYU and Provo City COVID guidelines.
Email or message us on social media to get information on our current status for practice.


When and where

The tri club meets every day except Sunday. Weekday practices are always at 6am. We generally meet at the Smith Fieldhouse on campus (as indicated by the red dot above). We'll meet there for most workouts, one exception is swim days we meet on the pool deck. For more details see the google drive spreadsheet. For practice we rotate through swims, runs, weights, and bikes. So check the calendar to know what we'll be doing at practice.

What to wear and bring

Generally, you don't need to bring much. For swim practices, bring BYU appropriate swimwwear (guys usually wear jammers because swim trunks cause more drag in the water) and goggles. For runs, we recommend good running shoes and comfortable running clothes. Often during the winter we will wear gloves, hats, and warm gear on runs when it's really cold outside. For bike practices you'll need a bike and a helmet. TT/Triathlon and road bikes are recommended but any bike will do (also recommended is clip-in pedals and shoes). Come talk to us if you are interested in a tri bike and we can give you tips where to find deals to keep costs low.


How to Join

  • Come to practice
  • Pay the $5 club dues through
  • Email to get newsletters and other information about races.
  • Like the BYU Triathlon facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram
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